WEASC Expresses Condolences to the A Rocha International Family after Fatal Car Crash

WEASC, together with the global creation care community, is grieving the loss of some of its most prominent evangelical advocates after the top leaders of A Rocha International—cofounders Peter and Miranda Harris and CEO Chris Naylor and his wife Susanna—suffered a fatal car crash.

On Monday, 28 October, Peter and Miranda Harris, and Chris Naylor, together with his wife Susanna, were involved in a horrific car accident in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Miranda, Chris and Susanna did not survive. Peter and the driver of the car are being treated at a local hospital and are in a stable condition.

WEASC expresses most sincere condolences to families and friends as well as the whole A Rocha International family. The WEASC team prays for the Lord’s wisdom, comfort, guidance and love as the families and wide A Rocha family process this tragic news.

Miranda Harris and Chris Naylor helped lead the organization’s groundbreaking global efforts to bring together Christian convictions and environmental concerns. Read more about their amazing accomplishments at the A Rocha Website. We will deeply miss Miranda, Chris and Susanna who were inspiring pioneers of the creation care work.




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