Find out more about the events of the World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center at its head office in Bonn/Germany as well as globally.


Do you already know the WEASC webinars? They are an excellent opportunity to learn, discuss and connect.


Want to join us in lobbying for more creation care around the world? Find out more about our advocacy work and help us spread the word. 


Something needs to change? We think so, too! So come and learn more about our campaigns. Or even better: become a campaigner yourself and support one of our campaigns.

Season of Creation

From September 1 to October 4, Christians around the world unite to pray and care for creation. It’s the “Season of Creation”.


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How do Evangelical Christians tackle the climate crisis? What are they seeing, learning, praying and doing at Madrid’s 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP 25? Join this webinar on Sunday 12/8/19:

This Saturday, 7/12, Christian organizations will bring the topic “Climate Change: #COP25Madrid and the Challenge for Our Churches” to the churches in the Madrid areas. Join!

At #COP25Madrid, the next generation of evangelical leaders advocate for God’s creation supported by the Christian Climate Observer Program:

People of faith at #COP25Madrid call for climate justice on behalf of communities around the world who are already experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change @ACTAlliance @Oikoumene @LuthWorldRelief

WEA Ambassador for Climate Change, Katherine Hayhoe, wrote a convincing piece for@nytimes showing that being concerned about climate change is a genuine expression of evangelical faith

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