"Beat Plastic Pollution" - World Environment Day 2023

On the occasion of World Environment Day (celebrated annually on June 5th) the World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Centre, together with the Evangelical Fellowship of India, Caleb Institute, and North East Christian University, is hosting this webinar titled "Beat Plastic Pollution" - reflecting this year's World Environment Day theme.

The webinar will highlight what believers around the world can do to accomplish the shared goals of bringing attention to the issue of plastic pollution, developing effective advocacy strategies, and educating the general public about the dire consequences of this problem at large.

Join us for a lively discussion together with many notable people, eco-conscious activists, and individuals from all walks of life.

- Dr. Richard Storey, Postdoctoral fellow at the Aquatic Ecology Center of Kathmandu University
- Matthias K. Boehning, Director of the World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center

Moderator: Rev. Dr. Samuel Richmond, WEASC


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Faith in the new Plastics Treaty?

The world is on the path to adopting a comprehensive plastic waste treaty, following the unanimous decision made by environment ministers across the globe last year. The working group responsible for implementing these plans will convene for the second time in Paris from 29 May to 2 June 2023.
Now is an opportune moment to assess the progress of the UN Plastics Treaty: Can it effectively address the widespread pollution problem affecting our planet? And how are Christian organizations contributing to the process?
Join us for an engaging 60-minute session featuring expert insights and a Q&A on
Tuesday, 16 May 2023, at 6pm CET/Berlin time.
  • Lucy Tanner, Senior Associate Plastics & Waste, Tearfund
  • Ben Niblett, Coordinator, Renew Our World campaign
  • Sarah French, Director of Environmental Education and Conservation Policy, A Rocha International
  • Dr. Peter Nitschke, Global Director for Community Partnerships, Plastic Bank
  • Durga Prasad Upadhyay, Environmental and Economic Sustainability Advisor Asia, Tearfund
Moderator: Matthias K. Boehning, Director, World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center

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