Pray for Creation

What creation care concern near you draws you into prayer? What need of creation leads you to supplication? What nature-based blessing leads you to pray in thanksgiving?

The "World Map of Prayers for Creation" is an impressive visible sign of the transformative power of prayer to preserve and care for the creation entrusted to us. It is also a testimony of the many blessings we have received through creation.

The WEA Sustainability Center regularly uses this map in its global advocacy work and encourages its partners to do so, too. We want to make sure that environment ministers are aware that Christians around the world are working for the integrity of creation, and in doing so, are advocating for very concrete environmental issues in their place of life, in prayer and in action.

Share a prayer from your immediate environment and encourage leaders to take action in your part of the world.

Share your prayer

WEA Sustainability Center is collecting prayers from around the globe for the 'World Map of Prayers for Creation.'


Prayer: I am praying for the restoration of the polluted Periyar River, that it becomes a source of life for the people in my town.
Location: Aluva, India

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