The WEA Sustainability Center

... connects 600 million evangelical Christians around the globe with global efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals)

... provides impetus for broader engagement of evangelical church communities and individual Christians around the globe to care for creation

... illustrates the diverse contributions to sustainable development made by evangelical churches around the world through their faith and practical action

Our Team

Dr. Chris Elisara

WEA Special Envoy for Environmental Sustainability, Climate, and Cities


Matthias K. Boehning

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Three facts about us

... attached to the Representative Office of the World Evangelical Alliance in Bonn
... part of the "Global Advocacy" department of the World Evangelical Alliance
... closely linked to the "Creation Care Task Force" of the World Evangelical Alliance

Our office in Bonn

Located strategically in the German UN city of Bonn, the location of our Bonn office offers us ideal working conditions. Our premises consist of a representative reception area, a large conference room and our offices. We look forward to every visit - come and have a look.

Why we exist

The purpose of the center is to help equip the global evangelical community--individuals, churches, and ministries--to actively care for creation as part of Christian discipleship and the calling God gives us to be agents of God's shalom in the world. This also involves representing an evangelical voice regarding creation care at the United Nations, and other global bodies concerned with creation care.

At the global level creation care intersects with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)/ 2030 Agenda, which are the policies and targets for environmental sustainability researched, negotiated, and agreed to by the International community. The United Nations and national governments have recognized that the SDG's cannot be achieved without engaging religious organizations and communities, thus they have created various initiatives to cooperate with religious actors. The WEA will connect with the United Nations, governments and other (religious and faith-based) non-governmental organizations in order to contribute to the implementation of the SDG's. The WEASC will use its platform to engage with international organizations, governments and like-minded NGOs to help connect and leverage the capacities of evangelical creation care organizations for greater impact at national and global levels.