Evangelical Alliance delegation visits UN SDG Action Campaign

Monday, September 12, 2022


A delegation of pastors visited the United Nations SDG Action Campaign in Bonn for an update on the state of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The visit gave the pastors a chance to learn about the SDGs, and to engage with the UN from a practical congregational perspective.

Change from the Inside Out

The meeting was hosted by Mrs. Marina Ponti, Global Director of the UN SDG Action Campaign, who is interested in the Christian perspective on sustainable development. Mrs. Ponti challenged the local pastors to use their mandate and position to engage their congregation at the local level. The congregation listens to their voice and will follow their lead. 

The pastors discussed the challenges they are facing: ensuring that congregants don’t engage from a place of fear and anxiety, or lose hope because they fall short in their efforts. The pastors agreed that there is great potential in churches working together for a bigger purpose in caring for creation, and to do this we must change from the inside out.

Season of Creation

The meeting is part of the ecumenical Season of Creation campaign which runs every year in September. During this time, millions of Christians around the globe focus their special attention on God’s character as Creator God and efforts to preserve creation.

The head of the delegation on the side of the Evangelical Alliance was Thomas Schirrmacher (Bonn), General Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance. He was accompanied by General Secretary of the European Evangelical Alliance, Thomas Bucher (Zurich).

Delegation of pastors

Markus Vaßen, Pastor, FEG Bonn

Alex Harden, Pastor, Rhema Bibelgemeinde Bonn

Tobias Erdmann, Pastor, Kircke für Bonn

Mark Abishek Das, Director of Next Generations Ministry, American Protestant Church Bonn

Rainer Bath, Pastor, EMK Bonn

Matthias Böhning, Co-Director, World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center

Thomas Bucher, Secretary General, European Evangelical Alliance

Elia Daoud, Director, Evangelical Alliance of Arabic speakers of Europe

Timotheus Dyck, Pastor, FeG Bonn

Dr. Isaac Elsadanam, Pastor, Adonai International Church Bonn

Judith Gebbe, Communications, World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center

Robert Koop, Public Relations, To All Nations e.V.

Celine Leipert, Intern, EFG Bonn

Thomas Schirrmacher, Secretary General, World Evangelical Alliance

Peirong Lin, Deputy Secretary General, World Evangelical Alliance

Mario Wahnschaffe, Senior Pastor, Centrum Lebendiges Wort Bonn

Daniel Ondieki, Pastor, Centrum Lebendiges Wort Bonn

Dr. Matthias Walter, Pastor, EFG Bonn

Mario Weyers, Senior Pastor, American Protestant Church Bonn

Gerhard Wiebe, Pastor, Evangelische Freikirche Bornheim

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