Contribute to our World Map of Prayers for Creation

What creation care concern near you draws you into prayer? What need of creation leads you to supplication? What nature-based blessing leads you to pray in thanksgiving?

Over the course of the next seven weeks, the World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center (WEASC) collects prayers for creation from around the globe on a digital world map. The “World Map of Prayers for Creation” is an impressive visible sign of the transformative power of prayer to preserve and care for the creation entrusted to us. It is also a testimony of the many blessings we have received through creation.

During the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in Nairobi/Kenya in early March 2022, the digital map will be turned into a physical world map. It will be used during a creation care focused church service in Nairobi and will be presented to environment ministers from around the world who will gather in Nairobi to discuss pressing issues of environmental protection and global sustainability. The country-specific prayers submitted by believers from around the world will be – as much as possible – handed over to the respective environment ministers from these countries.

Please send your prayer for creation by 22 February 2022 at the latest by email to with the subject “World Map of Prayers for Creation.” Please make sure that your prayer text has a maximum of 300 characters (including spaces) and that you mention your place and country. You can also send a photo of your specific prayer request or the object of your thanksgiving if you wish.

We want to make sure that environment ministers at UNEA are aware that Christians around the world are working for the integrity of creation, and in doing so, are advocating for very concrete environmental issues in their place of life, in prayer and in action.

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