The Bible and the SDGs – Concluding Webinar

The concluding webinar of our Social Media campaign “The Bible and the SGDs” is coming up! Friday, 25th of September at 2.30 pm Central European Time.

At the beginning of September, the WEA launched the Social Media campaign “The Bible and the SDGs”, bringing together biblical principles of Creation Care with Sustainability. Now the campaign has come to an end and will conclude with a webinar. The webinar will cover different perspectives on the interaction of Evangelicals / the WEA as an umbrella body and the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030. The speakers include Katharine Hayhoe, the WEA climate ambassador, who will focus on the scientific knowledge related to climate change; Jay Matenga, the director of the WEA for Missions and Evangelism, who will make a strong case for why it is important that Evangelicals engage in sustainable action and lifestyles; and high-level leaders from the Church of Pentecost to illustrate how a large church community can engage with the SDGs in a way that is credible and true to the faith of the community. 


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