The WEA Sustainability Center

... connects 600 million evangelical Christians around the globe with global efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals)

... provides impetus for broader engagement of evangelical church communities and individual Christians around the globe to care for creation

... illustrates the diverse contributions to sustainable development made by evangelical churches around the world through their faith and practical action

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Our managing director @mkboehning, also Director of the World #Evangelical Alliance #Sustainability Center, has been invited by @UNEnvironment to join the @UN Interagency Task Force on #Religion & #SustainableDevelopment Advisory Council of Faith-Based Organizations. @WEAnews

From May 1 until May 3, 2019, the #WEA participated for the first time in the General Assembly of Members of the International Partnership on #Religion and #SustainableDevelopment in #Copenhagen/#Denmark.

@WEAnews @weasc @weacreationcare @PaRDSecretariat

WEA strengthens cooperation with key partners to care for #creation and achieve the #SustainableDevelopmentGoals. @UNEnvironment @Tearfund @GlobalOne_NGO @Oikoumene @WCCclimate @siwi_water @WEAnews @WEA_UN @WEAChairTC #WWWeek #CreationCare #sustainability

#ReligioninSociety-EU outgoing Commissioner F.Mogherini launching above Platform to connect and ‘empower’ through Erasmus exchange on how religion helps build coexistence n respect

Prof Azza Karam @Mansoura1968 speaking about religion requires deep humility - comodifying religion, ideologizing religion is deeply unhelpful! ... Lessons learned from #UN perspective. #gender #SDGs #HumanRights matter for the learning curves

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