The WEA Sustainability Center

... connects 600 million evangelical Christians around the globe with global efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals)

... provides impetus for broader engagement of evangelical church communities and individual Christians around the globe to care for creation

... illustrates the diverse contributions to sustainable development made by evangelical churches around the world through their faith and practical action

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  • WEASC has signed the Call to Action for a Global Treaty on Plastic Pollution
    The need for urgent negotiation of a new global treaty to address the global plastic pollution crisis has emerged as a clear priority for the coming year, now endorsed by a majority of UN Member States and a wide variety of business voices. The World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center […]
  • Diversity of views among evangelical academics over EU’s commitment to nuclear energy
    Evangelical Focus January 13, 2022 By Jonatán Soriano   Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in Evangelical Focus with contributions from Matthias K. Boehning, Co-Director of the WEA Sustainability Center (WEASC). The WEASC adheres to the stance of this article, which states that a […]
  • Matthias K. Boehning delivers thematic sermon for the Season of Creation
    The Director of the Sustainability Centre of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Matthias Böhning, preached a thematic sermon at the beginning of this year’s Season of Creation in the Evangelical Free Church Bonn (EFG Bonn) on Sunday, 5 September 2021. The sermon was titled “A Home […]
  • Invitation to Ecumenical Prayer for Creation
    The WEA Sustainability Center (WEASC) invites you to an ecumenical Creation Prayer in Hennef (Sieg) on Monday, 4 October 2021. The evening event will mark the end of the Season of Creation 2021 from 1 September to 4 October 2021. More information will be available soon in the prayer section. […]
  • Prayerfully reflecting on the disaster on my doorstep
    I can still remember this afternoon in July well: At our home in Hennef, a little west of Bonn/Germany, it rained unusually hard and unusually long. Rain is part of a normal summer in Germany. But this day was somehow different: It didn’t want to stop raining. During the night we realized: […]

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WEASC has proudly signed onto the Civil Society Call to Action pushing for a legally binding #GlobalPlasticsTreaty to address the #plasticpollution crisis.

Learn more about our call 👉

Creation Care in 2022: What to watch for… What to pray for!🙏 A great article from our friend Matthias Boehning at @weasc 👇

Basic human rights recognized around the world declared by @UNations_HQ through Universal Declaration of #HumanRights.These declaration held by UN General Assembly in Paris, on 10/12/1948.Of the then 58 members of the UN,48 voted in favor,0 against,8 abstained,2 didn't vote.

A nuclear shortcut to CO₂ neutrality is no option. Our Co-Director Matthias K. Boehning has contributed insights to this article on the #EU #taxonomy for #sustainable activities that first appeared in @Evan_Focus: #Sustainability #renewableenergy

Join the next #GENeva #BeatPlasticPollution Dialogue launching @UN_EMG report presenting how collaboration among UN System organizations is supporting member states to address the growing #plastic crisis across its lifecycle.
📅 13 January, 14:00 CET

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